Welcome to the Bangladesh Association of Hamilton web site. This site is dedicated to provide services for the Bangladeshis living in Hamilton, On, Canada.

Profile of Bangladesh


Bangladesh became independent on 26 March 1971 from West Pakistan, 16 December 1971 is Victory Day and commemorates the official creation of the state of Bangladesh.

Area:144,000 sq km
Population: 150,448,339(July 2007 est.)
Location:24 00 N, 90 00 E,Southern Asia,between Burma and India
Languages:Bangla (official, also known as Bengali), English
Religions:Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, other 1% (1998)


21 February was proclaimed the International Mother Language Day by UNESCO.This is mostly the international recognition of Language Movement Day, which has been commemorated in Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) since 1952, when seven Bengali-speaking people were killed by the police and military in Dhaka.

BAH raised $ 6015.15 for SIDR victims

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all those who contributed for the cyclone SIDR victims of Bangladesh. The amount was sent to the Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa for the welfare of the cyclone affected people. Special thanks to Umar Mosque, The Institute of Islamic Learning For Hamilton-Wentworth, Federal Liberal Association Hamilton-Stoney Creek, Salerno Dairy, Pauline Johnson School, Copley, Al-Amin & Taj Mahal Groceries, Dr. Mostafizur Rahman Khan, Mohammad Jaffar Soomro, Fatema Chowdhury, Jesmin Haq, Ferdous Chowdhury and Hilda Lonz. Also, thanks to Hamilton media Cable 14 and CHCH TV for the in-depth coverage of the catastrophic effect of Cyclone SIDR and for their personal interviews.

Hamilton is located at the head of Lake Ontario, between Niagara Falls and Toronto. The population is 504,559. Demonstrating the city's diversity, nearly one-quarter of the metropolitan area population of Hamilton is foreign-born. Hamilton Harbour was discovered by explorer Robert Cavelier De La Salle in 1669. First Nations Peoples who lived in villages scattered around the harbour named it Macassa Bay, meaning "beautiful water". The city was founded in 1816 and named after George Hamilton, a settler.

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Bangladesh High
Commission, Canada

Constitution Square Centre
340 albert street, Suite # 1250
Ottawa, Ontario.
K1R 7Y6

Driving Licence
370 Kenora Ave North
Stoney Creek,ON
L8E 2W2

OHIP Office
Ellen Fairclough Building
119 King St W, 10th Flr
Hamilton, ON
L8P 4Y7
CAA Hamilton, ON
50 Dundurn St South,
L8N 3T7
Toll Free:1-800-992-8143

Quran Memorization
Downtown Mosque
96 Wilson Street
Boys & Girls - Ages (5-14)
Monday & Wednesdays
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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